Chadwick’s No Sling Tire Dressing is concentrated…a little goes a long way.

1 Start by taking RED (round) applicator and in the middle put an amount the size of the top of bottle cap (average size tire/low profile use less).

2 Starting with the middle of the tire follow the contour of the tire (clockwise) staying away from the edge of the tread. Continue until tire is even, glossed and protected.

3 After you have done that step take your applicator and finish out the tread (no need to apply more dressing) going WITH the pattern of the tread to avoid excess dressing collecting or cupping and taking longer to dry and absorb risking slinging down your beautifully CHADWICK’d car.

4 I like to flip to the other side of the applicator (dry side) and go over the tire lightly to insure the dressing is even and there is no excess.

Place used applicator in a zip lock baggie for future use. It will not dry out it’s made of closed cell foam technology.